Success in search ranking

Search engine optimization strategies are becoming more and more complex by introducing ranking factors like clicks in search and even click-through rates in a website. This means that user behavior once on a website impacts search ranking.

For this reason, I look at conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization from the standpoint of goals. As goals are met intentionally, further optimization becomes possible and with increased engagement in a website we see enhancements in search ranking.

CRO and SEO both influence ranking so let’s work on them under a holistic strategy to improve web presence.

Methodical analysis

To achieve intentionally generated traffic, we have to start with clear analysis that ties into goals. This keeps our approach light-weight and success oriented because we’re focusing our efforts on goals instead of nebulous chaos.

Responsive pivoting

By driving intentionally generated traffic with strategic SEO and following on-page best practices for conversion rate optimization we set the stage for creating insights to guide enhancements that are tailored to goals.