Strategic Tool Usage

Strong database segmentation is achieved through use of marketing automation functionality. This can include adding in persona fields to forms or measuring the on-page behavior of contacts.

Truly strategic implementation of smart tools opens the door to deeply segmented databases. A strategy like this can get complicated and might be based on sources that drove traffic to a site, we can then narrow the scope to emails, focus on a promotional emails, and utilize smart content to match the voice and tone of the promotional email to the page being displayed.

Creating personalized experiences that are scale-ready

While the above example can be achieved as an individual effort of creating a page and email with complimentary content, this strategy isn’t scalable. What happens when different personas or contacts with different historic events are going to be seeing a similar offer?

Smart content creates a personalized experience for segments using scalable technology.

Elegantly initiate dynamic content for strong engagement

Smart content campaigns can create a highly personalized experience for users based on existing contact segmentation, lifecycle stage, source, and more. This level of personalization can tailor an individual’s entire experience with a company to make them feel like there was one marketing effort created and it was personalized for their taste.

I like to think that when a smart campaign is done correctly no one will know you’ve done anything dynamic at all.

Let me know when you’re ready to clean up your database segmentation for powerful smart content implementation.