Campaign attribution

From a high-level your company has plans for this year or this quarter. Those plans can be met by achieving goals, and those goals can be achieved by properly implementing marketing campaigns. Within each campaign there is marketing automation, and juggling the different automated efforts within each campaign can get cumbersome. This is where campaign attribution comes in.

If marketing efforts are helping the successful completion of goals, then the automated efforts within them are accountable for a portion of the support given. By assigning this accountability to the automation being used we can automate the management of targeted efforts.

Properly implemented campaigns can clarify success through focused attribution

I use campaigns to locate visits, contacts and customers that resulted in marketing efforts by blog articles, email, social posts and even the singular keywords used within them. This enables strong insights that guide my HubSpot efforts.

Setting up campaigns in a way where trends can be assigned to individual assets is crucial for driving the success of current and future efforts. Ultimately, this will have significant impact over the larger goals fueling the efforts.

Let me know when you’re ready to launch campaigns that will impact your company-level goals in a way that’s both measurable and duplicatable.