Momentum with HubSpot

Marketing automation programs like HubSpot are highly functional. I rarely see HubSpot portals being used to their full potential.

It’s an all-in-one marketing solution and allows us to report on activities as they relate to each other. For example, we can compare landing page and email performance for a content offer against the keywords used in the campaign and the personas targeted by it.

There is a very high potential of momentum with research like this, but keeping an actionable HubSpot portal takes discipline.

A few ways I achieve this is by holding campaigns accountable for a certain portion of success in terms of achieving a larger goal. Another is by using tools strategically to keep contacts engaged and giving them a personalized experience.

Campaign attribution

By holding campaigns we make sure there is a logical reason for launching them in the first place. Once a logical reason, or way they will help a goal, has been established, measuring their success can result in real insights about overall performance.

Strategic Tool Usage

Tools can be used intentionally to help guide the success of a campaign by keeping a clean database and serving up relevant information to visitors by using scalable solutions like smart content.